Will Power In the Land O'Goshen

Will Power in the Land o'Goshen

 I had occasion to play a Labor Day gig this year with a r&b band called Will Power. They are usually a 5-piece show band outfit that plays in casino settings like Atlantic City, Las Vegas and wherever native Americans have set up shop to seek revenge for over 400 years of persecution. The band typically wears matching suits and shiny shoes. Terry Hall (Arlo Guthrie's drummer) and I (no one's drummer) are not usually part of the band and were new acquisitions for this gig, possibly replacing musicians who possessed better sense. We don't own fancy suits or shiny shoes. Because of us, everyone got to dress casual. More realistically, perhaps, it was simply because Will Power's show was at a rural country fair and the fancy Vegas suits and shiny shoes would somehow not been deemed de rigeur amongst the sweaty, heaving draught horses, greased pig races and copious amounts of poop?

Garkelien & Djembe

FOR THE fourth consecutive year in a row, David Reed was asked to provide the music for The Bidwell House Museum's annual fundraiser (www.bidwellhousemuseum.org). The Bidwell House, built in the mid-18th century was the parsonnage of the Rev. Adonijah Bidwell and is one of Monterey, MA's earliest dwellings was to be the setting for the annual gala. As he typically had done in previous years,

Dr. Easy's "Drunk Bay Cigar Box Guitars"

For almost three years, Dr. Easy has been sneaking down into the woodshop and foolin' around with David's tools and nicking as much of David's decorative wood as he dares to use on his cigar box instruments. Over the years Dr. E's amassed quite the collection of used cigar boxes, cookie & candy tins, funky hardware, used plumbing parts and whatever interesting things that catch his fancy. He thinks they're interesting, but you should watch this video and reserve your own judgement as to that!

Origins of the Reggae Banjo

Six string banjoist and self-proclaimed founder of the 'reggae banjo', Banjo Bwoy, attempts to join Bun E. Twinkle's new reggae band. He tries to convince her that her band really needs the wonky new sound of the reggae banjo, but finds Bun E. to be a hard sell. But Banjo Bwoy can be very convincing as you shall see in this cartoon from Noodlicious Productions. We can't say for certain, but this cartoon seems to have Dr. Easy's mark all over it. What do you think?

Modern Flight


Modern Flight

February 9. 2013

It’s a Tuesday evening in early February and I am sitting on the porch of my funky, remote shack in Coral Bay, St. John staring at quickly fading, sunset-illuminated cumulus clouds floating over Tortola. A pair of lonesome donkeys meanders slowly down the road below accompanied by the distant sounds of bleating goats and the occasional rooster crowing from the bush. “Me donkey wan’ wattah,” I hum to myself. I am privy to a twilight exchange between an awakening coki frog and some retiring doves. A brisk breeze is coming across Drake’s Channel from the BVI and in the gossamer light of a rising full moon I can easily see the whitecaps out on the bay. Quite different from last night when it rained and blew so hard that puddles were left on the floor inside and a screen flew right out of my window and sailed across the room. A subtle whiff of roasting fish now rides the freshening wind up from the little restaurant below. I’ll be playing there soon. . I am tired, but very glad to be back.

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