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David Reed | Solo




     WAY BACK IN 1981, the extraordinary blues musician and recording artist Rory Block, after hearing him perform in an upstate NY coffeehouse wrote in a newpaper review:

"David Reed is an extremely competent, polished and exciting musician."

      AFTER ATTENDING a show in 2015, a fan took the time to post these kind words:

"One of the many amazing things about David's music is that you will NEVER hear any song done the same way twice. Each song - each gig - is like a sunrise you will only see once, yet remember forever, and will never see again."

     STRIVING TO LIVE UP to such high praise continues to be David's mission! His solo banjo-driven performance of True Religion became a show-stopper at the 2004 (Lugano, Switzerland) Blues to Bop Festival's Sunday morning Gospel Concert (held in a medieval church!) and his original song, Highway One, was a semi-finalist in the Newport Folk Festival Songwriting Contest that year. Reed received further international recognition when he and TrioTamboura were selected to be the first American band to play the (Bansko, Bulgaria) 8th International Jazz & World Music Fesitval in 2005.  Almost every winter since 1999, David enjoys being the easy-breezy house musician at world-famous Miss Lucy's Restaurant on St. John, USVI for a few months, where he is joined from time to time by stellar stateside and West Indian guest musicians.  

     ACOUSTIC GUITAR magazine portrayed David Reed, his gear and music in their April 2006 issue and Reed's rootsy, Dr. Easy, was tapped for the 2007 Oasis "Blues Sampler VII" CD. In March 2015, New England arts magazine The Artful Mind featured Reed, his music and CBGs as their cover story. 2016 found filmmaker/director/inventor Doug Trumbull (2001:A Space Odyssey, Star Trek: the Movie, Bladerunner, Close Encounters, Star Wars, developer of iMax) so impressed with one of David's live performances that he invited him to his MAGI studios to record a music video of the calypso tune Digby, a first endeavor for both that uses totally new video and sound technology that Trumbull hopes will "re-envison and reinvent the way movies are made and experienced".  (Digby and several more of David's videos can be found on YouTube at DoctorEasyMusic).

     THE MUSIC of David Reed? Rompin' ragtime, rollin' rock, boppin' blues, jumpin' calypso, skankin' reggae and shimmerin' NewAge stylings – that just about sums it up! An accomplished songwriter, finger-style guitarist and seasoned performer, Reed began in 2010 to build and perform much of his music with wonderfully unique and quirky cigar box guitars – "Doctor Ea$y's Sonic Boxes". This work got the attention of Cigar Box Guitar Review and they featured Reed in their July 2018 issue. David is also proud to be a founding member of Max Creek (1971), one of the nation's premier jam bands who is still playin' strong more than forty-eight years later, and whose music is accredited with the formation of Phish, moe., Mike Gordon Band and a host of other contemporary jam bands! Phish even ocassionally covers one of David's instrumental songs – Back Porch Boogie Blues.

     DAVID REED has been bringing a smile to the face and a beat to the feet of audiences young and old for most of his life. His previous three solo records, "Try It Again", "Eclecticity" and "Asleep at the Keel", have garnered positive reviews. In 2019, a brand new recording, "Gypsy Davy", spotlights some new songs, old songs, borrowed songs and blues songs - featuring David's latest band, The Introverts, "Doctor Ea$y's Sonic Boxes" and an exciting assemblage of Berkshire County musicians.





TuTu Much




     WHAT'S A TUTU?  In the West Indies, and specifically the Virgin Islands, the conch shell trumpet still is used as a marine signaling device.  It was named "tutu" by the indigenous Taino people and the onomatopoeic moniker still stands.

     TUTU MUCH is the little band with the BIG sound - a dynamic duo that pairs singer/songwriter David Reed's emotionally charged vocals, lushly distinctive acoustic guitars/banjo/harmonicas/cigar box instruments & percussion together with groovemeister Sam "Samster" Earnshaw's remarkably jazzy drums & percussion.

     TUTU MUCH is an electracoustic duo that pulse with drivin' rhythm and worldbeat groove! The TuTus create music that's as refreshing as a Caribbean breeze and funky as a backstreet SoHo cafe. Since 1999, when not occupying the stages of local cafes & art lounges, TuTu Much escapes to the Caribbean islands of St. John & St. Thomas for a winter tour where they perform, make art and collect songs for their eclectic repertoire.


Band of Introv3rts


When the Band of Introverts first met, they shook hands, smiled at each other and attempted small talk while continuing to gaze at their shoes.  It took awhile, but eventually it was understood that nothing much was going to get accomplished unless they tuned up, dialed in and turned it up.  The results surprised even the most extroverted of their friends and families.  This band of introverts came out of their shells and rocked the world around them with some scorching smokehouse blues, strutting' country rags, laid-back reggae and an occasional world groove raga or Afro-pop chestnut.  One never knows what sort of musical in-your-face bombast they might discover from within their interior quietude and lay it loudly on the line.  Check 'em out.  We think this is a BOI band you'll really remember.

Here it is!!!  "Gypsy Davy", the new recording from David Reed & The Introverts:


Tamboura Productions' "Who's Who" - 1989 to Present!


 "The following list is comprised of the myriad talented and gracious musicians who have joined the Tamboura Productions ranks...some only briefly, others for many years...while others drop in and out as time and schedules permit. Every one of them is a solid pro with a successful musical career of their own, and I am grateful to have shared stages, studios and friendship with each of them over the years.   I think that they all know they are welcome back into the fold at any time!"

- David

David Reed – vocals, guitars, banjo, uke, cigar box guitars, harmonicas, trumpet, percussion

Armando Zanecchia – congas, percussion

Sam Earnshaw – drums, percussion

Mary Knysh – pan, flute, mandolin, vocals

Terry Hall - drums

Mark Tuomenoksa – keyboards, saxes

John Haddad - drums, percussion

Claudia d'Alessandro - vocals

Eric Martin - violin/viola

Dave Vitone - accordion

Scott Murawski - lead guitar

Mark Mercier - keyboards

Conor Meehan - drums

Scott McKenney - bass

Steve Ide – lead guitar, bass

Rich Hommel - lead guitar

Lee Everett – vocals, percussion

Charlie Tokarz – flute, saxophones

Mark Hejna – bass

Dan Broad - bass

Jon Suters – bass

Morgan Rael – steel pan, guitar

John Hilton - steel pan

Rick Leab – drums

Jim Weber – congas, percussion

Elizabeth Petty – vocals

Joanne Spies – vocals

Cosmas Poulos – congas, percussion