You Guys Are Like Catsup!

May 31, 2011
Last night I crossed paths with a musical colleague who was playing at one of my favorite venues, The Lion’s Den in Stockbridge, MA. Jeff Martell is an ol’ singin’, guitar-slingin’ road-dog…

Rattlin' Riddim Wit' Wesley


photo * jaime elliot/Tradewinds, St. John, USVI

Rattlin' de Riddim Wit' Wesley

KOKO & THE SUNSHINE BAND is a popular West Indian quelbe, or "scratch band", group from the island of St. John, USVI. Here they are performing for the

DR & Max Creek - Together Again



David Reed Helps Celebrate Max Creek's 40th

ONE OF THE COUNTRY'S most legendary and beloved jam bands, Max Creek, were still rockin' hard in April, 2011, as they celebrated forty years of stirrin' up the rock 'n roll jam.


Mystery of IED Solved

Mystery of IED Solved

April 1, 2011
You just can’t make this stuff up.

It was a dark and bitter cold night actively being strangled by the frozen fingers of February. I had spent most of the week packing and…


DR & Miss Mary Invited to Sing Under Water!

Feb-U-Wary 2011

It isn't every day that one can hear what their records sound like when played under water, but early one day recently I got the chance.

The phone rang mercilessly at 5 AM last week. I was in…

Dr. Easy's Wallapalooza Birthday Bash

Yowzah! It's that time again . . .

Frost on de pumpkin, squirrels hidin' nuts,
Couches full o'football fans, sittin' on dere butts.
Days is gettin' shorter, an' nights is growin' long,
Hawaiian shirts tucked inna drawer, scratchy long-johns go


Toys. It’s been some time since I thought of this word. Or needed to. My kids are long grown and on their own. I don’t think of myself as needing toys anymore. Sure, I have my diversions like anyone else…


The Soloist

The tarnished brass ashtray clattered to the floor, spilling two day’s worth of its rank contents onto the worn wooden boarding-house floor. Tanner Simmons, startled by the ashtray’s intruding descent, sat up suddenly from the disheveled nest he’d created upon…


WARNING! If you have absolutely no interest in cars, trucks, motorcycles or wheeled contrivances of any sort, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! Doing so may result in extreme boredom, or worse, annoyance. You have been warned.

There are many lenses…

Sometimes a Guitar is Just a Guitar


Recently, a non-wooden, 21st century designed, all-black carbon-fiber acoustic guitar has been invited to take up residence at my house. This seemingly innocuous event has been somewhat disorienting for the Analog Man as it has taken his typically steady and…

Remembering Miss Ina


Misses Ina & Mary - March 2009

One beautifully sunny day late last March, Miss Mary and I stopped by Miss Ina’s St. John island home to introduce her to Nate, Miss Mary’s twenty-nine year old son who'd recently arrived…

Just Ax Al


“Surely it’s sad, sometimes you must choose,
The friends you must pick, the friends you gotta lose…”

-“Over My Shoulder” by John Coster

Somebody bashed into my car in a parking lot. They left a sizeable wound on my poor…