Dupy & Me or How I Got My Hand Back

“Oh! I see you have Dupuytren's,” said the old man to me as he stared curiously at my left hand. He took my hand and turned it over, revealing my lumpy palm. Frank was a revered psychology professor at a…

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BuskerBlog - by Ari Jewel - July, 2021

As I write, I’m thinking about “street culture,” and how I could define, or imagine, that phrase. For me, street culture is about the art and connection happening inside museums, music venues, and online, coming out to the sidewalks and…

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The Making of Gypsy Davy


     In November 2018 I began recording this, my fourth, studio album. I seem to enter the recording studio, whether I want to or not, about every ten years. I suppose I'm a little late for this one, but I've not…

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So Who Is Dr. Ea$y?

Who Is Dr. Easy?

 Readers of my stories and gig announcements will often see a reference to a certain “Dr. Easy”. There never seems to be an actual, verified photo or video of him; he's nowhere to be found backstage…

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Dr. Ea$y's Cigar Box Goes South. Sort of.


The other night I was sitting around the wood stove and scrolling through Facebook when I came upon some intriguing posts by Gypsy Elise.  I'd heard of this ballsy, brassy singer from N'awlins who is currently residing with her husband…

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"Digby" Shot; Another Hit for Trumbull Studios?


On a recent gloriously Berkshire July morning Marky-T, the Samster and I (along with my dear Claudia who took these photos!) reconnoitered at Doug Trumbull's MAGI studios to begin the filming of our first music video.  Hidden deep in the…

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Trumbull and TamPro to Merge Forces

Movie special effects pioneer Doug Trumbull and TamPro to combine forces?  Looks like it.  For a short while, anyway.  And my mind is totally blown!  Those who've known me awhile have likely suspected something was awry - and now…

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The Kelvinator

Upon arriving at my funky little lime-green Shackteau in Coral Bay, St. John after what had been 16 hours of grueling car/plane/boat travel carrying with me a few guitars, a PA and enough clothes to last three months…

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Will Power In the Land O'Goshen



Will Power in the Land o'Goshen


I had occasion to play a Labor Day gig this year with a r&b band called Will Power. They are usually a 5-piece show band outfit that plays in casino settings like Atlantic City,…

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