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David Reed & The Introverts

No.10, 10 Castle St., Gt. Barrington, MA

Won't be a Christmas carol within earshot, but you can still warm up with the BoIs and imbibe in some holiday cheer (over 100 kinds of whisky at the bar!) while you shake yer ol' bones to some Caribe-vibe folkrockin' reggae and cigar box blues!


David Reed & The Introverts - "In Concert"

New Lebanon Public Library, 550 State Route 20, New Lebanon, NY

David Reed - with a collection of "Dr. Ea$y's Sonic Boxes", a conch shell trumpet and suitcase drum - with his trio, The Introverts (Sam Earnshaw/drums and Scott McKenney/bass) returns to the NLPL for an erudite evening of hootin' 'n hollerin' whoop-di-do!  You'll hear original folk, Bar-B-Q country blues, Caribe-vibe calypso & reggae (and a raga!) like you've never heard whilst observing the flying phalanges and erstwhile wit of DR & The Introverts.  Dancing is encouraged. Libraries - not just books anymore!

Donations accepted!


1st Annual Berkshire Mountain Guitar Summit

The Colonial Theatre, 111 South Street, Pittsfield, MA



DR and his CBGs have been invited to be a part of the 1st Annual Berkshire Mountain Guitar Summit to be held at the legendary Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, MA.  He is honored to share the stage with nine of the county's finest guitarists, and he's absolutely sure he'll be the ONLY one playing a cigar box that night!  Come on out to the Colonial and warm up with lotsa HOT licks from these fine folks: 

Robin O'herin

John Zarvis

Rob Sanzone

Bobby sweet

Fabri Perotti

Jason Ennis

Jay Fruet

Jack Waldheim

Garrett Lechowski

and yours truly, Dave Reed      


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Cosmic Connexions

The Making of Gypsy Davy 

     In November 2018 I began recording this, my fourth, studio album. I seem to enter the recording studio, whether I want to or not, about every ten years. I suppose I'm a little late for this one, but I've not exactly been sitting around. Alright, there's been some sitting around, but I've managed to accomplish a few things since the last studio go-round in 2008. For instance, I began building and playing cigar box guitars and these rootsy, primitive little rascals have found their way into my…

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So Who Is Dr. Ea$y? 

Who Is Dr. Easy?

 Readers of my stories and gig announcements will often see a reference to a certain “Dr. Easy”. There never seems to be an actual, verified photo or video of him; he's nowhere to be found backstage at shows; no one that I know has actually seen him, nor heard him. The only evidence that I have might be some forgotten sunglasses (he likes sunglasses, even at night), an old hat (he loves hats of all kinds, but seems to lose them...probably just an exuse to get another?), or an empty beer…

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Dr. Ea$y's Cigar Box Goes South. Sort of. 


The other night I was sitting around the wood stove and scrolling through Facebook when I came upon some intriguing posts by Gypsy Elise.  I'd heard of this ballsy, brassy singer from N'awlins who is currently residing with her husband Ryan in Orlando, FL.  Together, and with other assorted musicians they select for each gig, they form Gypsy Elise & The Royal Blues, bringing their own brand of "New Orleans Funky Blues" to clubs, festivals and venues all over the American south.  

Gypsy was on a tear…

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"Digby" Shot; Another Hit for Trumbull Studios? 


On a recent gloriously Berkshire July morning Marky-T, the Samster and I (along with my dear Claudia who took these photos!) reconnoitered at Doug Trumbull's MAGI studios to begin the filming of our first music video.  Hidden deep in the South County woods, MAGI studios occupies a goodly portion of 50 acres of techie geek paradise.  As the photos attest, the film, audio and lighting gear is 1st-rate extraordinary, say nothing of the world-class guy who is behind it all.  Doug Trumbull is as gentle…

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Trumbull and TamPro to Merge Forces 

Movie special effects pioneer Doug Trumbull and TamPro to combine forces?  Looks like it.  For a short while, anyway.  And my mind is totally blown!  Those who've known me awhile have likely suspected something was awry - and now I can confirm the suspicions. But I also can assure you that my current state is not unwarranted, nor is it considered life-threatening. In fact, it is totally awesome. Dr. Ea$y got wind of this and wanted to know every li'l t'ing, so I told him:

One morning last week my phone…

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Would a Cactus by Any Other Name Penetrate as Deep? 


Would a Cactus by any Other Name

Penetrate as Deep?

The other morning as I was retuning from my walk to Drunk Bay where I'd shot some promotional photographs of my cigar box guitar amongst the whimsical coral, rock and found object sculptures, obelisks and wacky who-knows-what that folks have created along this wild and windswept stretch of uninhabited beach, I had an awkward, somewhat surreal encounter that bears retelling.

I'd packed up my little Canon point 'n shoot camera and a cigar box guitar…

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The Kelvinator

Upon arriving at my funky little lime-green Shackteau in Coral Bay, St. John after what had been 16 hours of grueling car/plane/boat travel carrying with me a few guitars, a PA and enough clothes to last three months, I crawled out of my tired old Hyundai rental car, arms loaded with luggage and guitars. I stumbled down the dark path and kicked open the old, white door to the shack. The delicious, old 'home again at last' feeling of relief and joy was quickly dispelled as I…

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Will Power In the Land O'Goshen 


Will Power in the Land o'Goshen


I had occasion to play a Labor Day gig this year with a r&b band called Will Power. They are usually a 5-piece show band outfit that plays in casino settings like Atlantic City, Las Vegas and wherever native Americans have set up shop to seek revenge for over 400 years of persecution. The band typically wears matching suits and shiny shoes. Terry Hall (Arlo Guthrie's drummer) and I (no one's drummer) are not usually part of the band and were new acquisitions for this…

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Garkelien & Djembe 


Renaissance Junkies Go For Baroque

FOR THE fourth consecutive year in a row, David Reed was asked to provide the music for The Bidwell House Museum's annual fundraiser (www.bidwellhousemuseum.org). The Bidwell House, built in the mid-18th century was the parsonnage of the Rev. Adonijah Bidwell and is one of Monterey, MA's earliest dwellings was to be the setting for the annual gala. As he typically had done in previous years, David was preparing a program of mostly instrumental music played upon

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Dr. Easy's "Drunk Bay Cigar Box Guitars" 

Doctor Easy Debuts His Cigar Box Guitar Video

For almost three years, Dr. Easy has been sneaking down into the woodshop and foolin' around with David's tools and nicking as much of David's decorative wood as he dares to use on his cigar box instruments. Over the years Dr. E's amassed quite the collection of used cigar boxes, cookie & candy tins, funky hardware, used plumbing parts and whatever interesting things that catch his fancy. He thinks they're interesting, but you should watch this video and…

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