"Acoustic Guitar" Magazine Portrays David Reed

In a moment of ebullient enthusiasm (or maybe lapsed judgement?) the editors of the internationally acclaimed guitar-centric magazine Acoustic Guitar have agreed that they will publish an insightful portrait into the music and instruments of itinerent musician and practitioner of 6-string ju-ju, David Reed (aka to readers of this column as "Daktah Easy").

Acoustic Guitar's features editor Shawn Hammond recently announced to his stunned editorial board that he has decided to feature Reed and his myriad guitaristic associates in the "Reader's Rig" column of the April 2006 issue of the well respected magazine. After a slightly heated ruckus abated and the food was cleaned off the walls, Hammond assured his superiors that the musical world was indeed ready for the good Daktah and that he was reasonably certain that subscription and advertising revenue would not be adversely effected by Reed's "very small" article that he promised would be "buried way in the back of the issue". At least not significantly effected.

Hammond further assuaged the editorial board that readers would be "extremely curious" to read about Reed's master luthier, Steve Sauve of No. Adams, Massachusetts, who in 1987 custom-built Reed's lovely rosewood/spruce acoustic guitar and later in 2001 his funky 6-string "reggae banjo". He also figured that reader's would love to know about when Reed got a gaggle of Bulgarian gypsies to dance to calypso and how he gets that gargantuan sound from his instruments, just in case they cared to avoid replicating it.

The full scoop will appear in the April 2006 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine and will hit the streets in March. Pick up a copy. Let us here at Tamboura Productions know what you think. And please don't hold whatever it is against Acoustic Guitar. Nobody's perfcet!

"Dr. Easy & Associates with Lo-Frequency Thunder Horn"

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