Dr. Easy's "Drunk Bay Cigar Box Guitars"

Doctor Easy Debuts His Cigar Box Guitar Video

For almost three years, Dr. Easy has been sneaking down into the woodshop and foolin' around with David's tools and nicking as much of David's decorative wood as he dares to use on his cigar box instruments. Over the years Dr. E's amassed quite the collection of used cigar boxes, cookie & candy tins, funky hardware, used plumbing parts and whatever interesting things that catch his fancy. He thinks they're interesting, but you should watch this video and reserve your own judgement as to that!

To date, Dr. E has made over 101 instruments from all this junk: 3- and 4-string cigar box guitars, cookie tin banjos and ukeleles, calabash diddly-bows (and a banjo!) and even a bass out of an old mahogany silver service box. Once, when he discovered that the carpenter renovating David's bathroom had tossed out some finished birch plywood and shower board scraps, he gathered them up and made a cool wooden cajon and bongo that he regularly beats the daylights out of!

Dr. Easy has been bugging David to make a video of his creations for many moons. So this year while he was sequestered in his Shackteau in the USVI for several weeks, David got to work on said video. Using iMovie, he mounted a rather steep learning curve, gathered a number of photos of the Doctor's CBGs, recorded a soundtrack using just a pair of CBGs, a detuned acoustic guitar (for a bass!) and a drum loop; and then he dubbed in the narrative voiceover.

"Looks pretty OK, meh-son," quipped the Doctor upon seeing his work for the first time as a video montage. "But don' go lookin' for no Oscar. Or nah money from me!"

Thanks, Doc.




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