Dr. Easy's Wallapalooza Birthday Bash

Yowzah! It's that time again . . .

Frost on de pumpkin, squirrels hidin' nuts,
Couches full o'football fans, sittin' on dere butts.
Days is gettin' shorter, an' nights is growin' long,
Hawaiian shirts tucked inna drawer, scratchy long-johns go on.
Firewood sits inna heap, tractor oil gets changed,
Watchin' dem birdies flyin' south, I feelin' a bit deranged.
Winter lurkin' 'roun' de bend - Oh, hail 'n ice 'n snow,
Caribbean islands' a long ways off, but "Soon-come", I know.
Another orbit 'round de sun, and what a year it be,
So, time to take dat worry down an' party wit' Dr. EZ!

- excerpted from the not-so-private journal of Dr. Itzo Easy

Friday, Roctober 29: David Reed and a cast of thousands pay homage to Dr. Itzo Easy as he enters his 7th (!?!) decade as the curmudgeonly muse to good ol' DR. Join David along with his guitars, banjos, harps, fingers, friends and friends' fingers, as they celebrate the "good Daktah" with song and . . . cake (the doctor loves cake - not pie - cake!). The photo in the poster above shows David holding his mouth. He is not going to up-chuck, nor is he shielding himself from the intense heat from all them candles. He was simply shocked that he was invited to this wing-ding. You will be too!

Musicians from DR's past, present and future will be featured shoehorned (ummm...what's a 'shoehorn'?) into the notions aisle (right next to the sweatshirts and across from the coolers) of the Monterey General Store (Rt. 23/Main St., Monterey, MA).*

"Who you talkin' 'bout?" you may ask.

Well, for starters, there's none other than the peripatetic Miss Mary herself (steel drum, flute, mandolin, pipes, prettiness), the Samster (abbreviated drums, tallness), Dwight "The Other Man from Memphis" O'Neil (guitar, vox, dry wit), Rich "Phlyt Phinger" Hommel (guitar, bass, even more dry wit), Joel "The Chicago Gorilla" Shick (harps, uber-nonsense), Lee "Lee-Boy" Everett (shaky things, vox, still more wry dit - sorry, it's the lysdexia!), and making his musical debut for the very first time (don't you just love redundancy again?) Brendan "Highway-Boy" Reed (drumstuff, more tallness). More musicians call daily to volunteer their talents...so stay tuned for further updates!

All this clap-trap will begin semi-promptly @ 7PM and proceed until 9PM (so Kenn can go home). TV and Press personnel are asked to wait on the other side of the stream. At 9PM, the crowd will then peacefully disperse to continue the festivities elsewhere. Better get there before 7PM if you think you wanna sit down! While there is no cover charge to attend this festive fiasco, DONATIONS to help defray the cost of the doctor's rehab would be appreciated.

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