Gonna Do It Again!


Responding to the hew and cry from legions of adoring fans from around the world for a follow-up to the 2003 platinum, Granny Award-winning solo CD "Eclecticity", David Reed will unleash upon the unsuspecting world a BRAND NEW RECORD! Well, the last part is true anyway.

Tentatively titled "Goin' Nowhere Fast" or "Don't Touch My Tomato", Reed plans to enter Studio F in New Yawk Sittay in December to begin recording his third solo project. The good Daktah Easy recently scootched-down for the low-down with Ms. Chevy LeChat of Furlined Feline International, Ltd. in their plush Great Barrington office suite for this exclusive TamPro interview.

Ms. LeChat: Tell me, Mr. David Easy why you waited so long, three years, between records? "Eclecticity" was a small-time sensation in a big-time world. Surely you could have cashed in on the tail of its global success long before now?

David Reed: The name's Reed. David Reed. You can call me DR. Easy, but my real name is Mister Reed. I'm sorry. . .I'm staring. . .I don't think I've ever seen such mesmerizing green eyes. Yes, where was I? Yes, I waited three years because it took me that long to learn some new songs. Besides, there's more to making art than making money, isn't that right? I offer my gifts to the world with open heart and hand. And at a VERY reasonable price. What smells like mackerel?

CL: Sorry, it must be my lunch. Or breakfast. Urrp! OH! Pardon me! Sorry, anyway, what sort of record do you see the new project becoming?

DR: Hopefully a great big honkin', bank-bustin' money-maker. I want to retire to some Caribbean island on a 90 foot yacht.

CL: And what would you propose you do with your CAT while you are out gallivanting around on this 90 foot yacht?

DR: Who said anything about a cat? Er, WHY are you licking yourself?

CL: Sorry, I don't like a hair out of place, especially when I'm with a wild-handsome tom such as yourself. So, what sort of things can we look forward to hearing on this new disc, Dr. Reed?

DR: Just call me David, Ms. LeChat, please. Oh, nevermind. Well, I can promise it will contain much of the all-over-the-map repertoire you get in my semi-live shows. You'll get a dash of calypso, a smidge of ragtime, a pinch of Celtic banjo, a ration of reggae, a portion of new original ballads, a tad bit of punked-up folk and a whole half hectare of fun. I'll play guitars, banjos, drums and percussion and Miss Mary will add some surprises too, I'm sure. Why are your fingernails in my leg?

CL: Pardon me, it's just that I get rather excited hearing your voice - what's a 'hectare'? - and about everything else I can look forward to on your new recording, "Goin' Nowhere Tomato". So, why did you choose. . .

DR: THAT'S not the title!

CL: . . .Studio F in New Yawk? Surely you could have done the recording yourself on the cheap like you always have in the past. What are you now, rich or something?

DR: Yes, I mean no. I mean I am rich with the kallaloo of life, but poor of sheckels, yah. Nonetheless, Studio F is a wonderful place to record. They have four cats. Miss Mary recorded her wonderful "Walkabout" CD there and it sounds great and is selling like hotcakes in Iceland; not that she's sold many in Iceland mind you - it's just an expression, you know? And Uncle Ernie with his good left ear has ultimate control of all the digital dials. Are you...purring???

CL: Sorrrrrrrrry, it's just that I'm verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry comfortable herrrre with you. Fourrrrrrr cats, you say? And what puuuuuurrrrrrrrrpose do they serrrrrrrrve in a rrrrrrrrrrrecording studio?

DR: Rodent control, bookends and late-night floor hockey. Ms. LeChat, you ARE purring AND you're shedding! I don't think I like where this interview is going.

CL: Sorrrrrrrrry, but it really is time for me to be getting myself a new winter coat, but that's not your problem now is it, Mister I-go-to-the-Caribbean-every-winter? Anyhow, sorry, really I am. Look at this mess I've made. . .

DR: Stop licking my pants!!!!

CL: Sorry! Jeez, Louise! I'm only trying to help. Now, wherrrrrrrrrrrre werrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre we?

DR: Get the hell off my lap Ms. LeChat!!!!

CL: Please, call me Chevy.

DR: I'm outta here! I had heard that you were 'a bit different', but I ne v e r......

At any rate, Reed plans to have the new record ready to roll in time for his 8th Annual Caribbean "Analog Man In A Digital World" Tour in March '07. He plans to distribute the CD at live shows, the TamPro website, CDbaby and wherever toothpaste is sold. Stay stunned and tuned to TamPro Journal for the latest developments.

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