Picker's Pluck Pays Off

On a very damp Thursday night, Dr. Easy and his guitar and banjo buddies risked life and limb when they took a gig at the area's most notorious sports bar - The Lockeroom in Lee, MA.

And it couldn't have been better!

After locating a spot between a GIANT TV and one of five ceiling-mounted Keno screen, neutralizing the juke box, pushing aside a few tables (the seated patrons didn't seem to care. . . perhaps didn't even notice?!), the good Dr. dragged in his roadcase, the erstwhile Mighty Green, and set up just beneath the glowing, humming neon Nascar sign.

Once set up, it was a challenge to get the bartender to lower the stereo volume, but it soon became apparent to him that he would be NO match for Reed's powerful JBL Eon PA and Reed's piercing yowling so he lowered the stereo volume. . . somewhat. To his credit, though he didn't turn off the GIANT TV, he turned the volume off.

And from there, Reed took over the room. The crowd, and there was one, soon were riveted (assumingly by the music) and some were even motivated enough to stop playing pool. The private birthday party who was packing it up to leave when Reed arrived suddenly got a 2nd wind and decided to hang in for the rest of the evening and made for some pleasantly heckling banter.

Two sets later, it was over. And most, including Reed, survived to tell the tale with nary a drop of blood shed nor too much spilled beer. The crowd applauded generously after most songs. They clapped along and even contributed some spirited table percussion from time to time. No one told Reed to "Turn it down!" even once and they got a hoot out of his home-made stomp-board kick drum which made its debut that night.

By the end of the night, Reed had sold 2 CDs, got 3 more bookings and a business card from some guy who wants to remodel his kitchen. Reed also found a great new source for bottle caps for making his Rattle-Caps shakers! So all 'n all, not a bad night with the good sports at The Lockeroom in Lee, MA!

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