Dr. Ea$y's Rattle-Cap Shakers

"They're as much fun as you're ever gonna have with a bunch of bottle caps!" - Dr. Ea$y

At 13 inches long with a sound like castanets colliding into a tambourine, a gen-u-wine Dr. Ea$y Rattle-Cap is sure to bring you hours of music and mayhem.

Rattle-Caps are inspired by the ancient African 'sistrum' ritual shaker and are carved from solid, hardwood and lovingly assembled with colorful bottle caps, beads, guitar picks, coins, shells and whatnot that the good Dakta finds in his pockets during his travels...you'll just love groovin' to life with your very own Rattle-Cap!

Get into the Zen of it - what is the sound of one Rattle-Cap rattling?  Come on, you just know you can't live without one! And two are twice as much fun!
 Here is a small sampling of DR's Rattle-Caps
($29.95US each + postage)