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David Reed | Solo

Pop-up Show On the Street! , Railroad Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230

Well, well, looky here! It's DR, all masked-up and ready to rock 'n rollick outside on Railroad St. in downtown Great Barrington, MA! The town has given the 'green light' for restaurants to offer dining al fresco, so RR St. will be all set up with tables, chairs and suitably safely-attired waitstaff to satisfy your long pent-up need to dine out...and they wanted DR and his eclectic brand of "Delta Goes to the Caribbean", finger-pickin' good styles to accompany the festivities. 6:30-9PM - On the Street! This is his first gig in many months and he's rarin' to play...Come join him, won't you? He may sound even better wearing a mask!


David Reed ~ "Groove Music from the Caribbean to the Delta"

To date, ALL of David Reed, TuTu Much and Introverts gigs have been cancelled or 'postponed to a later date'. We will announce any new dates as they become confirmed and the status of the nation warrants without jeopardizing anyone's health or well-being.

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Dry Ducks Recordings


Here it is!  Max Creek founder and cigar box guitar hero David Reed has released his long awaited fourth solo album “Gypsy Davy” on the Dry Duck Records label. Recorded and mixed by Luke Germain in his Stockbridge, MA studio and mastered by Ian Stewart in Housatonic, MA, David’s unique blend of folkrock, blues, country, and Caribe-vibe genres come together in an eclectic musical adventure that showcases his deft acoustic guitar picking, and of course, his own sensational, hand-made cigar box slide guitars.

 David’s inspired voice powers and growls its way through the blues, caresses the ballads, and his lively-up, West Indian patois in the reggae/calypso selections is always a delightful surprise. David’s vocals and cigar box playing on the title cut of “Gypsy Davy” are an exotic and energetic musical journey that fires the imagination.

 Spotlighting his own Band of Introverts (Sam Earnshaw, drums and Scott McKenney, bass), a number of distinguished guest artists join David on this vibrant and exceptional new album, including friends from Max Creek (Scott Murawski/lead guitar and Mark Mercier/keyboards) and a collection of several well-known Berkshire County musicians, including Eric Martin (violin/viola), Dave Vittone (accordion), Brendan Reed (djembe), Mark Tuomenoksa (saxophones), Claudia d’Alessandro & Lee Everett (backup vocals).

Gypsy Davy is available at CDBaby, live shows and on Amazon, Spotify, and most other online outlets. 




David Reed and Dr. Easy are at it again in this lively recording of this ‘n that...original songs, recreated covers, solo guitar instrumentals and full-blown band arrangements (with David playing most of the instruments!) recorded @ Studio F in NYC. Asleep At The Keel gives you fourteen songs (and then some!) and includes guest appearances by Mary Knysh and Ernie Fortunato from Studio F.  Shiver with delight at David’s slide guitar, shimmering string orchestra and (gasp!) oomphing tuba; quake at Mary’s angel choir and ploinky steel pan; rock out with Big E’s raunchy Les Paul...it’s all here, NOW, on Asleep At the Keel!
Added Bonus – One of David’s short stories featuring Dr. Easy graces the cover of Asleep At The Keel and tells how the record came to be named. CD: $10US, or two for $18US (+ $2 p&h within continental US).


Tamboura's world-groove dance record, Live At the Lion, recorded before a lively audience at the world-reknown Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA. Can't make it to Key West or the Caribbean this year? Grab this record . . . almost like having a cold Red Stripe on Mallory's pier at sunset!
CD: $10US; Cassette: $8US (+ $2 each s&h within continental US).



TuTu Much's electracoustic folkrock'n reggae CD, Nev'enuff!

"Strut & stride wid dese guys by yo' side!" - Uncle Bubbel.

CD: $10US ($2 s&h within continental US).




David Reed's rare first recording (1988) of original songs,Try It Again, in which he actually gets to play his knees! Don't worry, there's some of his tasty guitar pickin' on it, too. Classic Cassette format only: $8.00 US (+ $2 s&h within continental US).  HURRY. . .VERY limited supply!