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2021 - further along

"The Pandammit & Other Stuff"

Summer/Fall 2021:  As the nation cautiously emerged from COVID's grip - made possible in no large part to reliable vaccinations and the  practice of reasonable, socially-conscious health protocols - we were able to find ourselves able to enjoy live music again.  Though many of my festival, fair and indoor restaurant shows remained "closed", I am please to report that I had an extraordinarily busy season with lots of new outdoor venues, new tunes and having the opportunity to  make new fans.   Despite the New England summer having been pretty rainy, I got lucky - thanks to awnings, tents, umbrellas and Mother Nature's mercy - and I was able to enjoy plying my art with joy and gratitude for a whole lot of wonderful live shows!  

I was a very busy bee  in the garage shop where Dr. Ea$y's Sonic Boxes come to life.  I created ten new hand-crafted instruments, and I can proudly say that all of them are exceptional, both visually and sonically.  Apparently enough so that after a recent performance I was asked to present a lecture/performance to an Arts & Technology class at New York University.  Now, that was big fun and I wouldn't mind doing that sort of gig again!  It's mid-November as I write this, and it's too cold to work in Dr. Ea$y's shop now.  Besides,  my thoughts are turning towards migration to St. Augustine, so I'm glad I produced some nice work this summer.

After purchasing a really nice, small battery-powered amplifier I'm thinking I just might have to "take it to the streets".  Yup, DR is considering doing some busking down south this winter as COVID protocols in most of my northern regional venues don't allow for indoor singing yet and frankly, it's too darn cold to be plunkin' and hollerin' on the street 'round these parts!

Further winter plans are to continue working on some live videos and recordings and to finish up some projects left over from last winter's St. Augustine hibernation.  I suppose we'll see how this goes...'cause as you know, life may have other plans!

As always, THANK YOU  for your interest and support.

I hope to see you at a show real soon!

A Little History Lesson . . .

IN 2021, David Reed & Tamboura Productions celebrates 32 Years of creating always distinctive, diverse and high-quality artistic entertainment, recordings and handmade musical instruments for music lovers of all ages.  

BEGINNING in 1989, I combined my artistic vision and multi-instrumental/vocal/songwriting talents with those of percussionist Armando Zanecchia's to create exotic (and quixotic!) interpretations of contemporary folkrock, blues and world-beat music.  The fledgling DuoTamboura (taking its "Tamboura" moniker from the Caribbean island of Dominica's “drum of the merengue”) organically expanded - sometimes up to 7 members! - earning an endearing reputation for being the only Caribe-vibe dance band in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts...and way beyond.   

MY ADVENTURES have taken me and my various musical permutations through time and space to festivals and venues throughout East Coast USA, the Caribbean, Italy, Switzerland, England...even Bulgaria!  Little did I know at the time what a journey I had embarked upon, gathering fantastic musicians and experiences along the way!   

I INVITE YOU to explore the pages of this website. Get acquainted by reading bios, sampling Audio & Video Clips, and viewing glimpses of my travels and adventures in the FotoGalleria.  Visit the Dry Duck Trading Company for my recordings - including the latest release, "Gypsy Davy" - hand-made shakers, cigar box instruments from Dr. Ea$y's Sonic Boxes and cigar box lighting from Dr. Ea$y's Man Cave Lighting Co.  Or, read some of my (mostly) light-hearted stories and essays in Blogwash.   

BETTER YET, come on out to a live show...I'd love to meet you! And I think you'll enjoy what you find under this here virtual Big Ol' Umbrella. I believe once you do, you'll come back for more! 

And to my family, fans and friends, THANK YOU for supporting David Reed, Tamboura Productions and Dry Duck Records over the past 32 years!   


- DR

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