The Introv3rts

David Reed: cigar box guitars/guitar/banjo/percussion/conch shells/harmonicas/vox    

Sam Earnshaw: drums/percussion    

Scott McKenney: bass/percussion

     When The Introv3rts first met, they shook hands, sorta smiled at each other, attempted small talk and witty quips while continuing to gaze at their shoes.  It took awhile, but eventually it was mutually understood that nothing much was going to get accomplished unless they plugged in, dialed in and turned it uP !  

     The results surprised even the most extroverted of their friends and families.  This band of introverts came out of their shells and rocked the world around them with some scorching smokehouse blues, strutting' country rags, laid-back reggae and an occasional world groove raga or Afro-pop chestnut.  One never knows what sort of plaintively sweet musical ballad, gospel shout or in-your-face blues bombast they might discover from within their interior quietude and lay it loudly and proudly on the line.  Check 'em out - We think this is a band you'll not soon forget!

Here it is!!!  "Gypsy Davy", the new recording from David Reed & The Introv3rts: