Goin' to the Dawgs?


Spoiler Alert: I originally set out to simply write a review of a restaurant that friends had been encouraging me to try for a couple of years. However, I found that as I wrote, my restaurant review had morphed into

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Let 'im Eat Cake!


“I got you a treat,” my good wife said to me as she continued to empty a bag of groceries onto the counter.

“Thank you, Peach,” I replied. “What's the occasion?”

“You've just endured surgery and will need a few…

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A Bulgarian Rhapsody


                    2004: Recruited 

I've been trying to call Bulgaria. I have it from semi-reliable sources that Bulgaria wants me to play for their international jazz festival. This in itself is amazing as I do not play Bulgarian jazz, or any jazz…

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A Real Phish Story

Max Creek, circa 1972 at The Rockinghorse Pub in Hartford, CT                                                                  Bob, David, Mark & John

It was just before Christmas. A fresh, clean snow blanketed the world outside my window, a fire crackled in the wood stove and the…

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Mystery of IED Solved

  "Mousedozer"     Mystery of IED Solved

You just can’t make this stuff up. Really. You just can't. 

It was a dark, bitter cold night actively being strangled by the frozen fingers of February. Gusts of wind rattled the windows, threatening intrusion…

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2006: The Advent of Analog Man in a Digital World



             2006: The Advent of the Analog Man in a Digital World 

After casually observing my futile attempt to decipher the mysteries of the television remote control, pushing button after button in unsuccessful attempts to change channels and adjust the sound…

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The Soloist


The tarnished brass ashtray clattered down, spilling three day’s worth of its rank contents onto the worn out wooden boarding-house floor. Tanner Simmons, startled by the ashtray’s intruding descent, sat up suddenly from the disheveled nest he’d created upon the…

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You Can Just Just Ask Al


“Surely it’s sad, sometimes you must choose,
The friends you must pick, the friends you gotta lose…”

-“Over My Shoulder” by John Coster

Somebody bashed into my car in a parking lot. They left a sizeable wound on my poor…

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Last of the Caribbean Cowboys!


The late afternoon Caribbean sun hung warm and low in the azure sky as I was driving from sleepy Coral Bay over the Centerline Road. I was on my way down into town to pick up my sister at the…

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