Tamboura Productions Alumni . . .

TamPro's "Who's Who" - 1989 to Present!  


 "The following list is comprised of the myriad talented and gracious musicians who have joined me in the Tamboura Productions ranks...some only briefly, others for many years...while others drop in and out as time and schedules permit. Every one of them is a solid pro with a successful musical career of their own, and I am grateful to have shared stages, studios and friendship with each of them over the years.   I think that they all know they are welcome back into the fold at any time!"


David Reed (founder) – vocals, guitars, banjo, uke, cigar box guitars, harmonicas, trumpet, percussion

Armando Zanecchia (founder) – congas, percussion

Sam Earnshaw – drums, percussion

Mary Knysh – steel pan, flute, mandolin, vocals

Terry "a la Berry" Hall - drums

Mark Tuomenoksa – keyboards, saxes

John Haddad - drums, percussion

Claudia d'Alessandro - vocals

Eric Martin - violin/viola

Dave Vitone - accordion

Scott Murawski - lead guitar

Mark Mercier - keyboards

Conor Meehan - drums

Scott McKenney - bass

Steve Ide – lead guitar, bass

Delroy "Ital" Anthony - congas, percussion

Rich Hommel - lead guitar

Lee Everett – vocals, percussion

Charlie Tokarz – flute, saxophones

Mark Hejna – bass

Dan Broad - bass

Jon Suters – bass

Morgan Rael – steel pan, guitar

John Hilton - steel pan

Rick Leab – drums

Jim Weber – congas, percussion

Elizabeth Petty – vocals

Joanne Spies – vocals

Cosmas Poulos – congas, percussion